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Sam MacRae

1. From 1 to 5, please rate the experience you had with your mortgage broker in terms of how you felt you were treated. 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being excellent. 5 2. How confident were you in the knowledge of the mortgage advisor(s) you dealt with? 1 being not confident and 5 being extremely confident. 5 3. How well did we keep you updated about the progress of your mortgage application? Very well: You exceeded my expectations 4. How easy was it for you to contact us to discuss your mortgage application? Easy 5. How efficiently did you feel that your mortgage application was dealt with? Efficiently 6. If a question or problem occurred, did we answer or rectify it satisfactorily? Yes How well did we explain things? 7. Did you feel we provided you with an adequate range of financing options? Yes 8. Do you feel we adequately explained these options and any advantages or disadvantages? Yes 9. Did we provide you with adequate explanations of the key features and costs of the mortgage you received? Yes 10. Are you comfortable with the mortgage product and lender that we placed you with? Yes 11. So far has your communication and interaction with this lender been: Excellent 12. Did you feel involved and engaged enough during the process? Yes Planning for your future 13. In the next 3 to 5 years, do you plan to do any major renovations that will require a line of credit? No, but interested in some information ETC 14. How Did You Hear About us? Repeat Client 15. Thinking about the overall level of service and expertise we provided, would you recommend us if asked? Yes

Norm & Sharon Miller

Bernard has gone the extra mile to accommodate our schedule and to explain our options. Very good service. We are impressed with Bernard's confidence and get 'er done performance. As people's mortgage needs are unique, some quite challenging, Bernard won't be satisfied until you are.

Dana Koch

I am completely satisfied with Bernard's understanding of my specific requirements, his overall knowledge/expertise, the way he looked out for my best interests, his overall integrity, and his timely feedback. Bernard offered a great option!

Michael Sonoff

Work for me!! 5 out of 5!!

Robert and Isabella Milburn

Found the right fit for our mortgage. He was very professional and knowledgeable, everything was done well. 5 out of 5!!

Cory Scott

Help understand everything and answer my call, texts very quickly. Around my age, easy to relate to. Go Canucks Go! 5 out of 5!!

Dana Koch

Great option offered. 5 out of 5 !!

Brendan Shaw

I really appreciate the work Bernard has done for my clients. When I send him a prospective home buyer, he is constantly keeping all parties up to date in the approval process. All around great service with even better rates!

Kevin and Nicole Fischer

Getting the deal done. 5 out of 5!!

Matthew and Raeanne Klassen

He is quite literally replaced the need for a real estate agent and provided us with all the appropriate information and references. He was always very professional, organized and knowledgeable. 5 out of 5!

Linda Lafreniere

I am very satisfied that your service was very reliable, trustworthy and I always felt taken care of. Thank You! I will pass on your name to anyone that I come across needing a mortgage broker. 5 out of 5!!

Gary & Helen Gow

Showed us different options which were very helpful. Keep up the good work! I think you are in a career that suits you very well.

Ryan Adams

Good sense of urgency. Trustworthy and I really felt like he was trying hard to meet my requests!!

Shannon Ritchie

Recently someone suggested that I look at reviewing my mortgage early because interest rates were so low. Some of my immediate concerns were about the penalties, a lengthy process and I was worried that I would not qualify. It seemed to me to be more of a hassle than it was worth. But then my friend said, “you would spend time researching a new computer and you would shop around in order to get the best price but, you won’t bother doing the same thing to save money on your mortgage?” I had to think about this and I realized my friend was right. I decided I needed to learn more about my mortgage and find out if I could save money. I decided to call Bernard. I was familiar with him though the volunteer and community work he does. I know Bernard is a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters, volunteers with the Salvation Army and I often see him at community events. I decided I would see if he had time to meet with me. I was pleasantly surprised when he fit me in the very next day to discuss my options. Bernard was very professional and immediately made me feel at ease with the process. He explained how interest rates work and his business philosophy which is helping people achieve their dreams. We began to crunch some numbers and I was shocked to find out that even with paying a penalty, for closing my mortgage before my five year term was up, I would still save thousands of dollars. Bernard was even able to secure me a sizable line of credit! Throughout the process Bernard was with me, from sending me a thank you card with a gift certificate, to following up with me after all of my appointments, I felt Bernard went above and beyond. He is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and honest people I have ever met. He far surpassed my expectations. Since renewing my mortgage Bernard continues to inform me with helpful information and keeps me up-to-date with mortgage rates so I can adjust my monthly payments once a year with interest rates. I was not just a pay cheque for Bernard; I have become a client and a friend. I highly recommend Bernard to anyone who is interested in getting a mortgage or anyone who wants to see what their options are with their current mortgage. Thank you Bernard!

Theron Groff and Rachel Jordon

Contacted employers and went out of your way to make the collection of all the data needed as easy as possible. 5 out of 5!!

Gerard & Dorene Mellow

Bernard was quick with turn around with information; He showed no hesitation in refunding us some unexpected/unfair charges from our existing bank.

Ralf & Corina Holzapfel

Understood our specific requirements and persisted to find the best solution. Overall we are very satisfied.

Gerard and Dorene Mellow

No hesitation in refunding us some unexpected/ unfair charges. Quick turn around of info. 5 out of 5!!

David Smith

Bernard showed me what I needed to know to make a sensible decision with my mortgage!

Azure Hart

I highly recommend Bernard to anyone trying to get a mortgage. I thought buying a house would be stressful, but with Bernard working for me I didn't worry. He got the information he needed from me, told me what I needed to do and it was that easy! Now I own my own house and have Bernard to thank. You did a great job! Thank you.

Clint Pater

Worked hard to get timely answers.

Jeff Shidei

Bernard kept me in touch throughout the whole process. 5/5!

Amelia Orr

Bernard spent the time to explain to me the benefits of the mortgage I was going to get. He was patient and re-iterated the same information again in various ways until I was comfortable with the concept of the all in one mortgages. Bernard was always available for questions or ensuring that paperwork moved forward which was important as I did not have allot of time between when I made an offer and when the finance had to be in place.

Pierre-Alexandre Couture

Bernard definitely made it easy for me to achieve the biggest investment I've ever made - a year ago when I bought my house. Everything went so smoothly that it almost seemed surreal! Bernard found a mortgage that fits my needs and and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to someone looking to buy. Thank you Bernard!

Brian Gasparin

Explained everything about mortgages to me and helped pick the best one that suited my needs. I couldn’t have been a home owner without you. Thank you very much.

Brandon Kuromi, Adam & Graham Brooks

Bernard made the financing process painless and easy by giving us realistic timelines to submit everything he needed. He made himself available at all times so that no matter what question or inquiry we had - we weren’t left waiting in the dark. Bernard cares for his clients by offering great advice to ensure you get set up the way that works best for you. That’s why we can see a tangible result on our monthly statement. I would have a hard time letting anyone I know buy a home without talking to this guy first. Friendly and approachable, he makes the process easy.

Debbie Turner

Hi Bernard. I was very happy with the service you gave me. I know that you worked very hard to get me my mortgage and I really do appreciate the effort I know you made. You found me a bank that would give me a mortgage - which apparently was next to impossible. Great work & great effort! I would certainly recommend you to a prospective client. I do not have anyone at the moment, but will certainly recommend you when do. Thanks again.

Carly & Todd

Kept in contact (e.g. letting us know where you were in the process). 5 out of 5 !!

Brent Fenty & Sherri Miller

What we found most valuable when dealing with Bernard was his ability to explain all our options to us. He took the time to show us the different choices we could make and tailored our Mortgage to suit our needs. I always felt that no matter the question Bernard would find the answer. The process was informative and seamless. I would highly recommend Bernard to anyone.

Shannon Ritchie

He actually scored higher than 5. Bernard was professional and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions very quickly. Called me back / emailed right away. Best mortgage broker I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend Bernard to everyone I know. 5 out of 5!!

Rosemarie Van Tol & Ben Cloutier

Bernard was quick to answer our questions, and inform us of lower rates. He accommodated my work schedule by walking over to have documents signed. Ben and I didn’t know that the option we chose was even available until Bernard presented it to us. Bernard is friendly, our kids like him and even think he is a Ninja! We have mentioned Bernard many times to our friends and on Facebook!



CJ & Lisa Digeso

Bernard helped us with 3 mortgages at the same time! He showed me how we could consolodate debt, increase cashflow, and save on interest. Bernard always crunched numbers and found details quickly. It was a pleasure working with him and we look forward to working together again.

Josh Smit

Getting the mortgage approved without having a 2014 tax assessment. 5 out of 5!

David Smith

You taught me what I needed to know to make a sensible decision. Thanks a lot Bernard! and thanks for the gift card and black jack, I won 21 Bucks. 5 out of 5!

Dennis and Krista Wolf

Explained the process, answered all of our questions. 5 out of 5!!

Ryan Wilcox and Tanya Ninaus

You made us feel as though our mortgage suited us perfectly, and made every step so easy and stress free. If there was something unclear you had a suitable answer for us very quickly. Thanks so much for your hard work, we are having a great time. As first time home buyers we felt that Bernard took great care to explain the different mortgage choices available to us, in terms we could understand. Bernard works hard for his clients, if he didn't know something, he promised to find out and usually he called back with the answer the same day. We are extremely comfortable having Bernard as our mortgage planner and would recommend him to our friends. 5 out of 5!

Soheil Adib

Bernard, I never imagined I could be a home owner one day! I would like to thank you for all the hard work. Thanks to your talent we have our beautiful house now. If I hear of anyone looking for a mortgage broker, I will send them your way. Keep in touch :)

Tanya Ninaus & Ryan Wilcox

As first-time home buyers, we felt that Bernard took great care to explain the different mortgage choices available to us in terms we could understand. Bernard works hard for his clients; if he didn't know something, he promised to find out and usually he called back with an answer the same day. We are extremely comfortable having Bernard as our Mortgage Planner and would recommend him to our friends. Bernard Made us feel as though our mortgage suited us perfectly, and made every step so easy and stress free. If there was uncertainty Bernard had a suitable answer for us very quickly. Thanks so much for your hard work, we are having a great time!

Matthew and Raeanne Klassen

Availability to answer questions in a timely manner. We enjoyed our experience meeting with Bernard. 5 out of 5!

Brian Bjerkness

Bernard was well aware of the credit issues I had from the past and happily helped to guide me over the past couple years on how to get back on track. I couldnt be any happier with the help he had provided me. Bernard has been by my side through out the whole process and helped show me certain items the realtor had overseen. I was always able to reach Bernard and even after hours he was by my side to answer and resolve any questions. Did not leave me out of the loop and went over the top finding me the best lender / rate. Very professional. 6 out of 5!!

Ralf and Corina Holzapfel

Understood our situation and have a backup plan. 5 out of 5!!

Dave and Judy Simkins

Trust, integrity, timely attention to details. Professional while at same time friendly. 5 out of 5!!

Robert & Jane Milburn

Bernard found the right fit for our mortgage. He was very professional & knowledgable, everything was done well!

Ralf and Corina

Understanding our specific requirements are persistency to find a good solution. Overall we are very satisfied.

Dan & Jeanette Hill

Provided a mortgage that fit our needs, and sought out the best rate. Timely, Friendly, and personable service. Thanks for helping us out Bernard!

Lynda Lafreniere

A hand shake doesn't really express my gratitude. Acquiring a mortgage can be stressful and confusing, however, I felt that you could acquire prompt information as needed and answered all my questions, relieving the stress at my end. I am confident from my experience working with you that you an expert, very personable and trustworthy. My family referred you to me and I can say that in a heartbeat I would call you If I should ever need another mortgage. Your name is on my fridge and I will surely pass it on so others may have the same opportunity to reach their dream.

Dennis Wolf & Krista Lyons

Bernard explained the process well, and answered all of our questions!

Shannon Ritchie

Out of 5 Bernard actually scored higher than a 5 in all categories. Bernard was professional and Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Bernard answered all my questions very quickly, called me back and emailed me right away. Bernard is the best mortgage broker I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend Bernard to everyone I know!

David and Judith Simkins

All the background work dealing with the mortgage lender. 5 out of 5!!

Roy and Shelley Davidson

Returned our phone calls or inquiries promptly and allowed us to take the next step in our goal to own an investment property. We were impressed with your integrity Bernard.

Clint & Meretta Pater

Bernard worked hard to get timely answers. Thanks for your efforts in this transaction, it is appreciated.

Dalton and Holly Mack

Answer any and every question I had at any time to put my mind at ease. 5 out of 5!

Carly Venables & Todd McInerney

Kept in contact (eg. let us know where we were throughout the entire process). Thanks alot!

Rosemarie Van Tol

You were quick to answer our questions. You contacted me when you received a cheaper rate and even accommodated me while I worked. you walked to my work.Very friendly - even when we had our kids with us. They might even think you are a ninja! When we saw you at big brothers and sisters event you were also friendly. 5 out of 5!

Nick and Elyse Wright

Bernard was a big help with finding the right mortgage for my wife and I. He made the process of puchasing our first home seemless. He litterally went the extra mile to meet with my parents in 100 Mile to go over some documents. Thanks Bernard!

Cory Scott

Bernard helped me to understand everything. He answered all of my calls and texts very quickly and was very easy to relate to! Thanks Bernard.

Deborah Turner

Found me a bank that would give me a mortgage - which apparently was next to impossible. Great work & effort B!!

Susan Moore

I've worked with Bernard a couple of times - he's totally my 'go to' guy with anything to do with refinancing my house and mortgages. He's always digging for the best rates and never hesitates to answer in detail even my dumbest of questions. Friendly, helpful and a total professional. Can't recommend him enough!

Gary and Helen Gow

Showed us different options which was helpful. Keep up the good work. I think you are in a career that suits you well.


Lots of people "get the job done" for their clients. Not many people take a personal interest in ensuring it is done well. Bernard falls in the latter category.

Cst. Ashton Phillips

I had never used a mortgage planner until Bernard. As someone who has a job that requires them to move constantly, it’s important for me to be able to trust people like Bernard to do their best for me time and time again, while I focus on other things. Bernard exceeded all of my expectations and I look forward to working with him again. Great communication and work ethic. Constantly came to me with better deals that he found. As a first time buyer, I was skeptical about using a mortgage planner. Bernard kept me comfortable by including me in every step and delivering on what he promised. I make fun of all my friends and my parents because my mortgage rate is better. With the low mortgage rate Bernard got me, I was able to buy a 52 inch LCD 3D TV. Thanks for saving me money Bernard!

Dave & Judy Simkins

Having been in the financial services industry for 30 years, certain qualities are required when dealing with the general public. Bernard displays these qualities being knowledgeable, professional and further displaying a positive attitude towards helping his client’s meet their specific needs. All of these attributes make him a prime choice as a mortgage broker, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Trust, integrity, timely attention to details. Professional while at the same time friendly!

Jeanette and Dan

Provided a mortgage that fit our needs. Sought out the best rate. Timely service. Friendly, personable. Thanks for helping us out Bernard! 5 out of 5!!

Good sense of urgency. Trustworthy and I really felt like he was trying hard to meet my requests. 5 out of 5 !!

Lynda Lafreniere

I want to extend my thanks many fold for helping me acquire a mortgage on the home that we are now so loving. As you walked me through the process, I was very comfortable asking questions that were always returned with detailed answers and information. You were referred to me by my family and I can positively say I know why. You were very personable and trustworthy while acting on my behalf. I know that I would phone you in a heart beat if in the future I again needed dependable assistance and can testify proof of how you helped my dream come true. I' m living in it. Your name is on my fridge and will happily pass it on to others knowing that you can help them too.

Richard and Leah Davis 

I feel like you are there for me and do what needs to be done to get what I need done! Keep it up. 5 out of 5!!


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